Sedona, Arizona

Bio: I was born in Montgomery, Alabama just before the end of World War II. My family, small still at the time, settled a few years later in West Hartford, Connecticut, where the family and I grew up. I am the oldest of ten children. My mother, also the oldest of ten siblings published posthumously her collection of stories and articles, Will Mrs. Major Go to Hell. They tell of the vicissitudes of raising ten children. Before beginning my teaching career, I pursued acting professionally in New York City. There I worked sparingly on stage, in film, and on television. In time, too long some might have said, I decided that steady employment was more important than starving for Art. I left the City, worked briefly in real estate, then took a position teaching English and directing drama at a small, junior boarding school in Northwestern Connecticut. Several years ago, I began pursuing acting of a different sort, the writing of fiction, novels, plays, and short stories.

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